We understand that bikes can be confusing. Modern bicycles boast a wide range of options, from space age alloys to carbon fiber components to countless other features you may not even need. Fortunately, our goal is to never pressure you to buy a bike that is out of your budget or above your needs.

Our dedicated staff has over 60 years of combined experience to answer any questions that you might have. Our business is based on forming long lasting relationships with customers who appreciate our commitment to selling products based on highest quality, not highest profit.

bikes hanging in the basement for saleWe carry a complete selection of QUALITY bicycles that can fit most budgets. We do not carry bikes that will fall apart or require constant maintenance during basic riding.

We are biking enthusiasts; we love our bicycles and want you to enjoy riding just as much as we do. Riding a bicycle that has been designed to fit your body not only makes your ride more comfortable but also reduces effort, allowing you to bike farther, more often.

Please stop by and let us find the right bike for you.

Shopping for somebody else this season?
Be sure to find out their

  • height
  • inseam
  • weight
  • riding needs
  • personal preferences